Tuesday, May 1, 2018

80 Ontario High Schools improve in Math

This year's report card finds that 37 high schools in Ontario have shown statistically significant improvement over the last four years in Grade 9 academic math and 47 schools have improved in applied math.

The Report Card helps parents choose Where parents can choose among several schools for their children, the Report Card provides a valuable tool for making a decision. Because it makes comparisons easy, it alerts parents to those nearby schools that appear to have more effective academic programs.

 Some schools do better than others To improve a school, one must believe that improvement is achievable. This Report Card, like other report cards from the Fraser Institute, provides evidence about what can be accomplished. It demonstrates clearly that even when we take into account factors such as the students’ family background—which some believe dictate the degree of academic success that students can enjoy in school—some schools do better than others.

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